Episode 1: Racial Healing Conference

In this first podcast episode of the “Heal Our Culture Project” podcast, hosts Wes and Shelly Fryer share their reflections and takeaways from a racial healing conference they attended. They emphasize the importance of cultural healing, understanding different perspectives, and engaging in conversations that bridge gaps in a polarized society. They discuss the significance of recognizing and addressing racial and cultural biases, the power of empathy and listening, and the role of education in fostering a more inclusive and understanding community. The Fryers highlight their commitment to being cultural healers through promoting respect, care, kindness, forgiveness, understanding, and love. They also outline their next steps in continuing their journey of learning and healing, including attending further conferences and engaging with resources that support their mission.


  1. Heal Our Culture Podcast (subscription options)
  2. Heal Our Culture Project website
  3. Heal Our Culture Project Resources
  4. Heal Our Culture Newsletter (on Substack)
  5. Heal Our Culture on Facebook
  6. Kimberlee Yolanda Williams, author of “Dear White Woman, Please Come Home: Hand Me Your Bias, and I’ll Show You Our Connection.”
  7. Anti-Racism Council at Caldwell (Charlotte, NC)
  8. Confronting Whiteness Conference (Charlotte, NC)
  9. A video version of this audio podcast is also available on YouTube!
Kimberlee Yolanda Williams, Shelly and Wesley Fryer” (CC BY 2.0) by Wesley Fryer






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