Episode 2: Why “Heal Our Culture?”

In this heartfelt second episode of the “Heal Our Culture” podcast, Wes Fryer delves into the critical need to heal our culture amidst today’s polarized climate. As a middle school STEM and media literacy teacher, Wes emphasizes the importance of becoming “culture healers” instead of “culture warriors.” Through three personal stories, he illustrates the power of community, family, and media literacy in bridging divides and fostering understanding. From his experience with emergency preparedness and media consumption to a moving church service for a Nicaraguan friend and a discussion about the impact of institutional racism, Wes advocates for intentional, positive engagement in our communities. He invites viewers to join the Heal Our Culture project, which aims to promote uplifting content and meaningful connections, encouraging everyone to contribute to cultural healing.


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Why ”Heal Our Culture?”” (CC BY 2.0) by Wesley Fryer





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