Healing Independence Day Wishes

I shared these thoughts this morning as a “restack note” on Lyz Lenz’ post, “Dingus of the week: This freaking asteroid.”

I hear your bitterness and frustration, and there certainly are so many reasons to be frustrated and angry today during this Fourth of July holiday weekend in the United States.

I remain, however, convinced in this time we need to focus on HEALING our culture, and resolving to be “culture healers and not culture warriors.”

Ultimately, we need to find ways to build UP the institutions we need and deserve, institutions filled with people who are ethical and moral, committed to aspirational ideals and values of our nation and planet. The values of human rights, self determination, and representative democracy matter. The struggle against corruption, greed, and those who seek to expand their personal power more than advance human rights or other commonly shared and universal values is not new. It’s really as old as time.

I hope you will find rest and healing from the afflictions your family has been facing and confronting. And I hope you willow find hope joy, and a bit of optimism in the small acts of kindness and healing which we can share with each other. Because ultimately, we are all called to “heal our culture and our communities” through our words and actions, no matter how dysfunctional or reprehensible the words and actions of others may be.

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